grande coiffe
© delphine gatinois - laurent odelain   2016

video and sound, 37min
sculptural chapes, diverse materials

co-directed with Delphine Gatinois

with : Nadège Adam, Julie Guingand, Christelle Herrscher, Sébastien Hoffmann, Floriane Jan, Clémentine Lataillade, Jerôme Rich et Théo Wong
sound - double bass : Thomas Rochard
body training and movements : Sylvain Sicaud

Together they are a sculpture that makes its way and trembles in the wind, sometimes sure, pretentious and determined, sometimes hesitant, vulnerable and light.
They are a shape-line that claws the sky, aping the relief of the ground, a moving front between two horizons.
They sketch choreographic hazards collectively or disassociate themselves and offer their singularities.

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