Laurent Odelain was born in 1985 in Chaumont, a little city in the deep countryside of the north east of France. Those immense and depopulated landscapes in which he grew up have deeply left their marks on him.

He questions the territory. The horizon. Movements and drifts that they offer. He composes with them, shapes and bodies which evolve in them, actions which follow from them. He uses various media, notably photography and video as tools to record. Text and drawing are often there, as tools which give him the possibility to envisage or to indicate. His works speak about to be at the world, at the space and at the time, about what they generate. They try to go to an engaging form of art.

He views art as a deep freedom in link with a metaphysical reflection. For him, the artistic activity is closer to the fact of feeling alive than to the fact of producing objects.

Based in Strasbourg, he aspires to nomadism.